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Perfect Ingredients

We craft every dish with the finest, freshest ingredients, steering clear of palm oil to champion the plant-based lifestyle. Engage in lively chats, immerse in studies, revel in board games, or simply unwind with a book. Seeking a romantic escape? Our cosy “love corner” awaits. Welcome to a space that celebrates both mindful living and heartfelt connections.

Guided by Passion

Our Story

Frogmoon Café has been a cherished dream since 2012, when the idea of owning a café first sparked in my mind. Fast forward to February 2022, and that dream became a vibrant reality. At Frogmoon Café, we believe that every cup of coffee or tea is a catalyst for inspiration.

As vegan ourselves, me and my wife are passionate about promoting plant-based living. We've been vegan for six years now, and we find it very healthy. This commitment is reflected in our vegan and vegetarian menu options, created for plant-based enthusiasts.

Our belief in consistency is evident in every sip. And that's what we aim for – consistently excellent beverages and dishes that prioritise both taste and health. We also take a firm stand against palm oil, ensuring that our products uphold values we hold dear.

Beyond our culinary offerings, Frogmoon Café is a sanctuary for creativity and connection. Our aim is to provide a welcoming place for everyone. Whether you're working on your laptop, having deep conversations, or just enjoying the friendly vibes, Frogmoon Café is your peaceful escape.

Our passion extends beyond our walls – we organise music and art events, a testament to our commitment to fostering a vibrant local community. And did we mention we're dog-friendly? Your furry friends are always welcome to join you as you unwind.

At Frogmoon Café, it's not just about serving coffee; it's about creating an experience where every visit is a journey of taste, connection, and inspiration. Come, be part of our story, and let your ideas come to life in the warm embrace of creativity.

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